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OPRO-M™ language translations

The OPRO-M™ item bank, short forms, and computerized adaptive test were developed in U.S. English. OPRO-M™ short forms have been formally translated into Spanish. Efforts to translate OPRO-M™ into other languages, including Persian and Turkish, are underway. Approved translations will be made freely available to all users. Request access to OPRO-M™ instruments to receive links to all approved translations.

OPRO-M™ translation requests

The OPRO-M™ developers support international efforts to study important health outcomes like orthotic mobility. To aid these efforts, we invite high-quality translations of OPRO-M™ instruments (item banks and short forms) and the OPRO-M™ User Guide. In order to ensure integrity of instrument translations and avoid parallel translation efforts, translations may only be undertaken with our permission.

We support approved translation efforts by providing access to the OPRO-M™ translation guide and translation record. We will also provide review and feedback on the translation (and translation documentation) and assist with preparing translated materials for release on the OPRO-M™ website. To request permission to translate OPRO-M™ instruments, please complete the OPRO-M™ Translation Request Form (see button below), and email the completed form to

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